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Jennifer Love Hewitt receives unusual gift from Jimmy Kimmel

Kara Menini

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt appeared to promote her new show, The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night to promote her new show, The Client List but was surprised to find that Kimmel had decided to give her a gift.

While Jennifer Love Hewitt thought she was going on the show to talk about her show, Jimmy Kimmel was more interested in talking about the advertisements for the show. The billboards, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a low-cut top, have already been in the news because Jennifer Love Hewitt had originally been given a Photoshop breast-reduction because the actual photograph showed ample amounts of Hewitt’s cleavage. Kimmel called the billboard, “maybe the greatest ad campaign I’ve ever seen for a television show,” and was sad to see the one by his office taken down.

As a way to ease his sadness, Kimmel decided to take a piece of the billboard and give it to Jennifer Love Hewitt as a gift. The piece, however, was only of her breasts. Although Jennifer Love Hewitt was a good sport and handled the situation well, she was definitely a little embarrassed. “It looks like a horror movie [when it’s] blown up like that…they’re like King Kong’s,” said Hewitt. Laughing, she also said, “It looks like a horror movie blown up.”

The Client List airs on Sundays on Lifetime.

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