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Justin Bieber continues to annoy everyone over the age of 12

Jess Smith

Justin Bieber is currently touring South America

Justin Bieber gets filmed sleeping by possible hooker, defaces building in Brazil

Justin Bieber is really validating himself as an annoying mosquito that just won’t go away during his time in Brazil. His first offense was taking it upon himself to spray paint a wall of a multi-million dollar hotel in Rio de Janiero.

He drew a series of faces that resemble the likes of Picasso and Rembrandt. He even went on to draw a tasteful monkey that mirrors the racist cartoons of the 1940’s. Bieber scrawled such profound writings such as “Beliebers for life” and ironically “respect privacy.” Uh oh, Banksy look out! You may have some competition. This excursion will cost Bieber a fine, but the latest controversy revolves around the classy singer and an alleged lady of the night.

On Wednesday, a video that might or might not have been filmed with a potato surfaced of a woman filming the tween idol catching some z’s before turning the camera on herself and blowing kisses, obviously proud of her latest triumph.

The mystery woman has been identified as Tati Neves, a 26-year-old body builder, who has won such titles as Miss Bikini Wellness 2012. Reports claim that Neves is really upset about the viral video and it was just meant to be sent to a friend (yeah, right). It is also reported that she Tati Neves has hired a lawyer to protect her from the craved attention backlash that the video has caused her.The popular viral video has caused quite a stir, gaining more than 15 million views and has rustled the jimmies of beliebers everywhere.

Reports from TMZ state that Justin Bieber is miffed about the situation and is “creeped out”, considering the fact that he had just hosted a small party and that Neves had apparently snuck into his room and recorded the incriminating video.

This video footage comes after the New York Post posted a series of photos that allegedly show Justin Bieber leaving a brothel in Brazil, implying that the singer was in fact enjoying the company of call girls during his stay. Although the photos don’t show a face, they note his wrist tattoo and sneakers as identifying markers.

Hopefully, Bieber doesn’t screw up anymore during the remainder of his tour, but judging by his track record, that is highly unlikely.

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