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Justin Bieber attacked by fan

Nikki Shewmaker

Teen sensation wows crowd

Overzealous “Belieber” tackled, baby grand overturned

Justin Bieber was attacked by an overzealous Belieber during Sunday’s performance in Dubai. Justin Bieber was playing to a massive crowd at Dubai’s Sevens Stadium when a fan managed to bypass security and made a beeline towards the singer. There was no cause for concern, however, as guards quickly raced (so quickly apparently, that they managed to overturn a baby grand piano) to apprehend the wayward concert-goer, as a completely unfazed Justin Bieber continued on with his performance of “Believe”.

After the show and the attack, Justin Bieber tweeted, “Dubai. Nothing stops the show.”

“All is fine,” Bieber’s rep reassured reporters. “A man ran on stage during ‘Believe’ and tried to grab Justin and knocked the piano over. He was a fan. Security detained the young man. All was fine and Justin continued the show.”

It’s been a rocky year for Justin Bieber: Amid allegations of partying, drug use, fights and romantic entanglements, Justin Bieber’s been attacked by the paparazzi, received ire from every gossip blog and entertainment magazine, been on the receiving end of scathing comments from former lady love Selena Gomez, and managed to offend historians and the general public alike for his less than sensitive entry in the guest book at the Anne Frank House Museum.

Bieber has two more shows this month before finishing up the international leg of his world tour and returning to tour the U.S. in June. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble and his adoring fans will remain on the sidelines.

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