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Justin Bieber Downsizes Tour Due to Low Sales

Jess Smith

Justin Bieber downsizes tour due to low ticket sales

Justin Bieber is making some changes to his upcoming tour by downsizing to smaller venues. Dubbed The Changes tour, Justin Bieber had 45 dates set for the tour and was set to begin May 14 in Seattle. Out of the 45 dates, eight of the shows were downsized to smaller venues due to “unforeseen circumstances”

Low ticket sales may be due to long hiatus

These unforeseen circumstances are most likely lower than expected ticket sales. Before Justin Bieber’s album Changes, his last album Purpose was released almost five years ago. Where most people have the momentum to sustain a successful comeback, some pop stars do not translate well to new generations after taking long hiatuses.

Justin Bieber called for help streaming “Yummy”

When the first single from the album was released, Bieber posted videos and social media reposts from fans asking people to create a playlist on a streaming service like Spotify and put the song “Yummy” on repeat and stream it while they were sleeping in an effort inflate streaming numbers. Although the post was deleted it gave insight on the current desperation pop stars have when the spotlight on them dims.

The song ended up losing to Roddy Rich’s “The Box”, which Justin Bieber cautiously congratulated the rap star on Twitter.

Although Bieber may not be getting traction to his concerts due to dwindling popularity, the lack of sales might also be due to the coronavirus mayhem that the world is currently experiencing. With Ultra Music Festival, South by Southwest (SXSW), and now Coachella postponing their events it is also highly likely that ticket sales are low due to health fears.

Despite the venue changes, it is possible that the tour could experience entire cancellations with the ensuing coronavirus panic. Although eight venues have changes, the remaining venues will stay at the original arenas for now.

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