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Out of the Ordinary

Just another Zombie Apocalypse report

This time in Maryland

Zombie Apocalypse is amongst us! Nation-wide news reports of cannibalism hysteria have started to surface. In the latest reports 21-year-old, Alexander Kinyua, confessed to killing and eating parts of his roommate’s brain and heart.

The man’s severed body, identified to be Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, was found in the family basement by Kinyua’s brother, Jarrod. According to the Times, Jarrod discovered what he thought was human remains and later confronted his brother, Alexander, about it. Alexander told him they were animal remains. After telling their father about the incident, Jarrod and his father returned to the basement, finding Alexander washing out the metal containers housing a human head and two human hands.

On Tuesday, police arrived at the house and discovered the human remains after a tip to the police by Kinyua’s father about Agyei-Kodie’s disappearance since Friday. Kinyua was interviewed about the remains that were found, and he confessed to killing him, along with directing the police to the church where he hid the rest of the remains.

Kinyua’s motives remain unknown.

Kinyua, originally from Nairobi, Kenya is being held by prosecutors without bond because he could be a possible flight risk.

According to Sheriff Jesse Bane, “The body parts were being sent for further analysis to assure investigators that we’re dealing with one victim.”

Kinyua was an electrical engineering student as Morgan State and was involved with the ROTC program, according to the Baltimore Sun. Kinyua’s Facebook profile suggests he became, “increasingly troubled.” Agyei-Kodie was from Ghana. Back in 2008, Kodie was convicted to being a sex offender.

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