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Josh Hamilton caught drinking

Editorial Staff

Josh Hamilton caught in bar

Texas Ranger star slips publicly

Josh Hamilton, baseball’s most notorious addict, relapsed Monday, reports Yahoo. Surprisingly, news of Hamilton’s relapse took an entire three days to hit the internet, especially given that the Texas Rangers outfielder chose a bar in a city where he’s incredibly well known. The fact that Josh Hamilton knew his actions would go public clearly didn’t deter him from falling off the wagon.

Hamilton was banned from baseball back in 2003 for his drug and alcohol abuse. He also experienced a similar incident in January of 2009 when photos of him drunkenly licking whipped cream off of a woman’s breasts surfaced.  The following season he was named the 2010 American League MVP.

Though, this past Monday’s incident leaves many questions as towards Hamilton’s state of mind. He was just reported as drinking and nothing else, but this raises questions. Was he drunk? What snapped for the athlete that made him reach for a drink? Does he even care?

All of this, for Josh Hamilton, comes at the worst possible time. The outfielder is currently in talks with the Rangers for a long-term contract extension, which would put an immediate end to his upcoming free agent status at the end of this season.

While Josh Hamilton’s actions have left MLB fans asking why of the 30-year-old athlete; sadly, he is the only one who truly understands the reasoning for his actions.

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