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Jon Huntsman quits GOP race

Janelle Vreeland

Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman leaves race after disappointing performance in New Hampshire

Jon Huntsman has decided to leave the GOP race to the presidency.

AP reports that Huntsman had staked his campaign on his performance in the New Hampshire primary, where he ended up placing a disappointing third place. Because he placed so much emphasis on his performance in New Hampshire, Huntsman did not bother to campaign in Iowa ahead of the caucuses, resulting in a sixth-place finish.

Officials said on Sunday that Huntsman will back Mitt Romney “because he believes Romney is the best candidate to beat President Barack Obama in November.”

Only a week ago, Huntsman introduced an ad spot trying to distinguish himself from Romney, saying that he was a candidate who put “country first.”

You can read more about Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman here.

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