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Jessica Simpson gets naked

Brittney Elkins

Jessica Simpson, pre-pregnancy, holds a Maxim Magazine with her picture on the cover while at KISS 106.1 in Seattle.

Jessica Simpson shows off her pregnant belly on the cover of Elle this month

Jessica Simpson is channeling her inner Demi on the cover of Elle magazine this month.

Jessica Simpson appears naked on the cover, in pretty much the exact same pose Demi Moore struck on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991.

Both actresses decided to bare it all in order to show off their big round pregnant bellies.

In recent years the tabloids have targeted Jessica Simpson for her weight, calling her fat and focusing on any fluctuations, so many fans are proud that she decided to be so exposed on the cover. Fans also say she is showing off the “beauty of motherhood”, but a lot of people are also annoyed to see another celebrity pregnancy on the cover of a magazine.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera also showed off naked baby bumps when they were pregnant.

Jessica Simpson found out she was pregnant on September 12, and now she can start decorating the nursery and buying frilly dresses. It’s a girl!

Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson made the announcement, and said they are already sure of the name. Jessica Simpson has even admitted that she is already having the baby’s name embroidered on things.

Now that Jessica and Eric have revealed so much, the only question left to be answered is whether their daughter will be sports-loving daddy’s girl, or a high heels and handbags girl like her mom.

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