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Jessica Simpson Baby Rumors

Danielle Olipra

Jessica Simpson

Is Jessica Simpson expecting?

Celebrity gossip columns and blogs have been all abuzz about Jessica Simpson’s belly.  And while an answer from the former reality star would put an end to the “Is she or isn’t she?” bickering, raises the question of if we even care.

Talk of Simpson’s potential pregnancy has been based on nothing but speculation and maybe a slight change in her waistline.  However, a photo recently surfaced of Simpson and her fiancé, former NFL player Eric Johnson, walking hand-in-hand while Simpson has a hand placed on her stomach.  This of course, has spawned more articles of the “baby bump sighting” nature. points out that Simpson “can’t even register much of a blip in the scandal sheets”, in suspicion that she may be delaying an announcement for the sake of media attention.  But if she waits too long, there’s no doubt another “bump” will come about and another celebrity kid overshadows her alleged bun in the oven.

Hollywood has been on the “baby crazy” train for past few years, every other magazine cover featuring a new celebrity mom.  So if there is a baby, Simpson should be aware that everyone on the edge of their seats is going to fall asleep there pretty soon if no news is given.

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