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Jerome Harrison diagnosed with brain tumor

Janelle Vreeland

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

Jerome Harrison’s brain tumor discovered during trade physical

Jerome Harrison failed his trade physical on Wednesday when doctors discovered a brain tumor.

The Washington Post reports that Harrison was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles, but the trade was voided when Harrison failed his physical. 

Harrison was listed as having an “illness” on the team’s injury report and coach Jim Schwartz kept his lips sealed about the situation, saying, “It’s a privacy issue, and I’m not going to comment on it.”

Harrison’s teammate Eric Wright commented on Harrison’s health, saying, “It’s unfortunate. Just pray for him and hope for the best. I know everything is going to turn out well for him. That’s all we can do.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter commented on Harrison, saying, “Without trade, Jerome Harrison doesn’t get physical. Without physical, doctors don’t find brain tumor. Trade might have saved his life.”

Read more about Jerome Harrison here.

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