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Jennifer Lawrence is becoming a role model for girls

Brittney Elkins

Jennifer Lawrence at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

The talented actress has indie cred, an Academy Award nomination, and another film releasing in 2012. The girl’s on fire!

Jennifer Lawrence started acting at 14, but her new role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games has everyone talking about the sexy starlet.

Jennifer Lawrence landed an Academy Award nomination for the 2010 indie drama Winter’s Bone. Speculation is already rising that The Hunger Games will receive an Oscar nod, and potentially another nomination for Jennifer Lawrence.

The next installment in The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, won’t come out until November 2013 and production hasn’t even begun on the film. But Jennifer Lawrence fans don’t have to wait until then to catch the gorgeous actress on the big screen.

The next project for Jennifer Lawrence is the thriller House at the End of the Street, which hits theaters in September.

Jennifer Lawrence is quickly becoming a role model for young girls, and she’s well aware of it.

“I’m now a role model for young girls, so my language has to change a lot,” Jennifer Lawrence joked recently. “I know that would change a lot of decisions work-wise personally… as far as my next roles, because there would be young girls watching what I’m doing and emulating.”

Jennifer Lawrence, a Hunger Games fan herself, looked for a balance between Collins’ Katniss and making the role her own.

“I wish that I was much more like Katniss than I actually am. I think the hardest part about her was that in the books, she doesn’t know how to get people to like her… at the same time, you don’t want to watch somebody for two hours that you don’t like,” Jennifer Lawrence said.

Jennifer Lawrence may have to clean up her language a little bit, but after playing a tough girl who is at the same time feminine, brave and able to catch dinner, she’s on her way to being the kind of role model young girls need from Hollywood.

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