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Japanese camp established for young adults to lose their virginity

Janelle Vreeland

Camp’s 12 step process to walk students through the basics of sex

Often, when one leaves for college it’s assumed that the dorms play host to endless sexual activity and that, upon graduating, one is definitely no longer a virgin. But, for many young adults, this is simply not the case. And an “adult training camp” in Japan is aiming to help those college students who have not yet lost their virginity.

As Rocketnews reports, the White Hands organization established the camp to help virgin college students learn about, and experience, an adult sex life. The students enrolled in the two-day, three-night camp will be randomly paired up to go through the experience of losing their virginity together.

The camp will include lectures and workshops during the day with topics like sexual health and birth control. At night, the students will be left with their partners to practice the act of intercourse. The camp has even constructed a 12 step process to aid students during the act, and workshops the following day allow students to share their feelings and experiences from the night before.

Camp attendance is limited to ten 18 to 24-year-olds who are currently in college and have never had a sexual experience. The camp will take place in August and participants who are interested will be asked to pay a fee of 155,500 yen (U.S. $1,916).

What do you think? Is this camp a good idea? Does it make sex seem cold and clinical? Or would it be better to just lose your virginity to some random co-ed for free? Share your thoughts with us!

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