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Jane Goodall on the Daly Show: Chimpanzee documentary "was luck"

Billy Gardner

Jane Good: anthrolopologist, primatologist, and advocate

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Jane Goodall greeted talk show host Jon Stewart on the Daly Show in ordinary fashion for an anthropologist with “a proper chimpanzee greeting. The two rubbed each others heads and made imitative chimp sounds before Goodall sat down to talk about her latest endeavor.

The 78-year-old ape expert and spokeswoman for the new Disneynature documentary explained the incredible luck required to film Chimapanzee. The documentary follows a chimp Oscar who was orphaned after his mother was killed by a leopard, “it was luck?” questioned the sarcastic Jon Stewart.

Jane Goodall explains the extraordinary luck film crews had by just knowing what happened to Oscar’s mother, let alone filming the survival of the youngster. The male leader of the troop Freddy, willingly relinquished many of his duties, like carousing the area for enemies, in order to care for the orphaned Oscar, “it brings tears to your eyes,” said Goodall.

Jane Goodall knows the likelihood of an orphaned infant chimpanzee in the wild and finds the footage amazing. From the film producers who brought the unbelievable documentaries Planet Earth to Frozen Planet now bring Chimpanzee. The film is set to debut on Earth Day April 20, and a portion of the first week’s ticket sales will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. 

See the official trailer for the Chimpanzee documentary below:

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