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IRS Agent Solicits Taxpayer for Sex; Offers Lower Taxes

Rob Gilmore

Man Who Did Not Get to Have Free Sex with an IRS Agent

Taxpayer Gets It On with IRS Agent in Exchange for Lower Taxes. Lucky Bastard.

Dora Abrahamson, a former IRS Agent, is every man’s dream woman.  She is accused of soliciting a taxpayer for sex, according to the Mail Online.  Vincent Burroughs, 40, of Falls Creek, Oregon, would apparently rather pay his taxes than have a good time.  He is accusing Dora Abrahamson, 38, and a former IRS agent, of using her position to solicit him for sex in exchange for a lower tax penalty, in a lawsuit filed last week.

Now Burroughs wants some money to go along with the deal.  The lawsuit states that the U.S. is liable for punitive damages because the IRS did not provide adequate supervision to Abrahamson, allowing her to pursue a sexual relationship with a taxpayer.

If Burroughs refused Abrahamson, the lawsuit alleges, Abrahamson threatened to impose a 40 percent penalty on Burroughs.  In September 2011, after months of secret text messages and phone calls, a proactively dressed Abrahamson arrived at Burroughs home.
Under threat of penalty, Burroughs claims, and not a half-naked Abrahamson begging for it in his doorway, the two had sex. 

The lawsuit states, “She told (Burroughs) that she could be a bitch, or that she could be nice.  She said that she could impose no penalty, or a 40 percent penalty, and that if he would give her what she wanted, she would give him what he needed.”

IRS spokesman Richard Panick told The Register-Guard that IRS officials could not answer questions about Burroughs’s allegations or Abrahamson’s employment history.

As if to rub in his good fortune, the lawsuit states that Burroughs did not report Abrahamson’s advances ‘out of embarrassment and fear that she would cause substantial financial penalties to be imposed upon him.’ 

With the United States and Abrahamson as defendants, Burroughs is asking a jury for unspecified punitive damages. Ahh, “For the Love of Money,” as the O’Jays put it. 

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