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iPhone 5 parts leak

Sara Hall

The iPhone 5 will reveal new changes.

New features include metal case, larger screen, headphone jack at bottom, new dock connector

The iPhone is at it again: making itself bigger and better for its upcoming release of the iPhone 5.

As usual, Apple stays relatively secretive about how their new products will look and what features will be offered until the release date, leaving the online community to swirl with rumors about what will actually be offered on the latest model. But with the iPhone 5’s new features being leaked on May 29, consumers are buzzing more than ever that this iPhone will be the best yet.

According to the photos provided by smartphone repair company uBreakiFix, one of the main new features is a majority of the back being comprised of metal.

Other key changes include a smaller camera module, a new dock connector, redone speaker and microphone configuration and a redesigned rear case.

Also, the headphone jack to be placed at the bottom of the phone, like the iPad.

While rumored release dates are still up in the air, ranging anytime between September to November, given the leaked photos of the iPhone 5 case, these new features are almost sure to happen.

The iPhone 5 is also set to come with the 4G/LTE technology with a redesign over the 4S model that will produce a better battery life.

Since the original iPhone, Apple has launched a new version around every two years. The iPhone is reported to make up 40 percent of Apple’s profits.

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