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iPhone fingerprint authentication rumored to be included in 5S model

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be revealed September 10 at Apple event

iPhone fingerprint authentication may be the newest addition to come to the iPhone 5S, making the dream of nearly every sci-fi movie become a futuristic reality. The official disclosure of the brand new product will be happening September 10, but supposed images of the iPhone 5S packaging were leaked on a Chinese website called C Technology which unveils a brand new circular home button with a silver ring around it.

Not only would this brand new round home button be a sleek change from the notorious Apple square button, but it looks like the silver ring around the home button may be a part of the iPhone fingerprint sensor that will identify the owner of the iPhone 5S by their fingerprints. This opens up vast possibilities for Apple including increased security. Rather than swiping and entering a four-digit pin, the full home screen of the iPhone 5S will appear when the new technology recognizes the owner’s fingerprint.

The Apple invitation for the reveal at the Apple inc. headquarters in Cupertino, California also fuels the rumors of the iPhone fingerprint sensor with three silver rings amongst various colored polka-dots, which coincide with C Technology’s leak.

Sebastien Taveau, chief technology officer of Validity Sensors, mentioned that this is just the kind of feature that the late Steve Jobs would have wanted. “The swipe and PIN was one of the things Steve Jobs hated. It was in the way of the user experience,” he said.

In addition to increased security, the new iPhone fingerprint authentication can make huge moves within the consumer market with the use of mobile payments and enterprise commuting.

“Within the next two years the vast majority of high-end smart phones will have biometrics and mainly fingerprint logins. It’s going to be very useful for payments,” said David Marcus, president of PayPal.

In an interview last month, Fox News and app developer Clayton Morris revealed that the upcoming iPhone 5S would have a silver ring around it during an interview he did last month. He also divulged that the button will be used for an imbedded fingerprint sensor, giving further merit of the alleged leaked pictures of the new Apple technology. Morris also revealed in a tweet that the iPhone 5S will be 31% faster than the iPhone 5 due to a fast A7 processor.

The ring is also thought to be able to change colors, which would act as a notification system. Some other rumored changes to the iPhone 5S will be a more efficient camera that will be able to record videos at a rate of 120 frames-per-second, and a set of two flashes that will make the camera appear closer to higher grade professional cameras.

At the September 10 Apple event, a cheaper version of the iPhone that will be plastic and available in various colors is also going to be unleashed on the public.

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