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iOS 7 leaves something to be desired

Cynthia Martin

iOS 7: "The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone"

Apple’s redesign is just playing catch-up

IOS 7 is set to completely change the iPhone and iPad this fall. At least that’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

“The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone,” said Cook.

But is it really?

As an iPhone owner, I’m not super-excited about the iOS 7. There are a few features I’ll like having. The new easy-access control center is one. But beyond that, what are they really changing?

The major changes that Apple is making to the iOS 7 are all trying to keep up with other smart phones on the market. They’re changing the design to look more like the Google and Samsung phones. Everything is flatter and “cleaner.”

The most obvious catch-up change is the new ability to multitask. The iOS 7 makes it easy to switch between apps with a card of the main screen showing the apps that are open. Oh, you can also swipe between apps.

The camera app is being turned into Instagram, minus the easy sharing. Now every photo you take of your dinner can be filtered to look like an old timey photo! And you can still share them with the new AirDrop (but only with other iOS 7 users)! Why bother with Instagram when this built-in app works not as well but has the “made by Apple” seal?

Of course, an iOS 7 redesign wouldn’t be complete without an upgrade to the completely unhelpful Siri. Tired of that stilted woman’s voice? Try the new man’s voice. Think it’s too slow? Now it’s going to be “faster.” These new features mean I’ll probably still not be using Siri.

Now before all you Apple fan boys form an angry mob to burn down my house, let me say that I’m not hating on Apple. I have an iPhone. I love my iPhone. But you have to admit that these are changes we should have seen with the iOS 6 or earlier.

Apple has relied for too long on the prestige of being Apple. The iOS 7 is a perfect example of that. They’re putting out features that Android and Windows phones have had for a while and claiming they’re changing the world of smart phones. I would like to see some true innovation, like the kind that created the iPhone in the first place.

Apple also announced their creation of iTunes Radio, an attempt to catch-up in the music streaming sector. Like the iOS 7, this is something they should have done years ago. Most people already have Pandora or Spotify accounts, and I doubt people will be clamoring to switch.

Hopefully, the next iPhone and iPad will have something to get excited about.

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