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Hulk Hogan defeated by a radiator

Michael DeLaney

In the perpetual struggle to remain relevant, Hulk Hogan has decided it fit to let us all know that he has burnt his hand. On Sunday Hulk went to the Twitter-sphere to inform all of his 598,098 followers that apparently his Achilles’ heal are his Achilles’ fingers. 
Hulk Hogan, or “Thunderlips” from Rocky III as I like to remember him as, tweeted a photo of his Elephant Man hand saying “Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH.HH.”

Following the preliminary “OUCH,” Hulk Hogan alerted the internet that he had elevated the OUCH level to “Double OUCH” and even the dreaded “Triple OUCH.”

The play-by-play of OUCH.HH and ever inflating pustules culminated in the former wrestler taking his Fu Manchu-ed self to the emergency room. 

It is unclear what Hulk Hogan, star of 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain said or did to cause the radiator to explode on him in such a manner.  Similarly the radiator has not offered any form of statement to the media.

Hulk Hogan’s Twitter followers deemed his pus-engorged photos inappropriate and decided to let the bandana brother know it.  Are the pictures that Hogan tweeted were as offensive as any episode of Hogan Knows Best? Perhaps that will be left to future generations who look back on this historic event.

In response to the backlash Hulk Hogan sent one last radiator explosion tweet. The Santa with Muscles star tweeted: “I apologize for posting my burned hand photos,with all the feedback I now realize I really should take a moment before I make a decision.” Wise words from a man currently engulfed in a legal battle with Gawker over a sex video.

“Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you,” indeed.

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