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How to Save Money on your Web Traffic Purchase For Internet Marketing Students

Ruben Corbo

Whether you own a national brick and mortar store chain or a single-page website that sells one product, you won’t make sales without visitors.  National chains spend thousands of dollars to increase the number of visitors they bring in, and while you might not spend as much, you should have the same goal for your website. Increasing traffic on your website should be one of your primary objectives, as visitors are the only way you’ll make sales. If you’re struggling to get visitors to your website, you should consider buying traffic. While the upfront cost might be intimidating, it is an investment that will pay for itself eventually. If the investment is still intimidating, there are several ways you can save money on your web traffic purchase so that the amount you need to invest is as low as possible.

Check Review and Coupon Sites for Discounts Before You Buy Web Traffic

As with any other purchase you can make online, there are countless websites that offer coupons and discounts for web traffic sales. To save money on your traffic purchase, be diligent about checking these sites and finding discounts. Review sites might also offer discounts when traffic retailers offer promotions on them. By checking these sites, you can find a low price without compromising the quality of the website traffic that you buy. You can purchase a large package at the price of a small one by searching for discounts. Many web traffic offerings group visitors by the thousands, and you can cut the cost per thousand in half if you find the right discount.

Subscribe to Traffic Company Social Media Pages for Sale Notifications

For the same reason people follow companies such as Macy’s or Starbuck’s on Facebook and Twitter, you should follow a web traffic company. Social media sites are essentially free marketing for these chains, but they also provide value to their followers. By staying updated through their social media sites, you’ll be the first to know about any discounts or sales promotions that the business is offering. In some cases, these discounts are exclusive to Twitter or Facebook followers. Most sales promotions are time-sensitive, so you’ll miss out if you find out about them too late. Promotional notifications will show up right in your Facebook or Twitter feed, so it will be almost impossible to miss them on a day-to-day basis. In addition to sales and discounts, you might even gain valuable advice about optimizing your traffic by following such companies on their social media outlets. When you’re researching web traffic retailers that you might do business with, check their website for links to their social media sites. Even if you don’t choose to buy their services, follow them anyway in case they offer any new options in the future.

Take Advantage of Free Trials and First Time Savings

To garner new customers, many web traffic retailers offer discounts and savings to people who are just using their services for the first time. Some even offer free trials to prove what their service can do for your website. Even if you already use a web traffic provider, take advantage of a free trial from another company if you see that one is available. Even temporary traffic could boost sales and get your website higher up on a list of search results so the free trial will help in that way. Using first-time savings offers will also give you a good idea of the quality a new service might provide. If you’re unhappy with your current provider, trying a new one will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of the traffic you pay for. Similarly, if you don’t like the service provided in the free trial, you’re not bound to continue with that company.

Get Web Traffic from a Reputable Company with Reasonable Prices

In addition to looking for discounts and savings, you should also make sure the web traffic retailer you choose is reputable. If you choose one that provides low-quality traffic, you’re wasting your money. Your goal should be to find a traffic retailer that provides targeted traffic. Quality traffic is equal parts quantity and quality. For example, imagine you are trying to sell women’s perfume on your website, and your traffic is made up only of male visitors. While the occasional male might make a purchase, you’d be much better off with mostly female visitors. Some web traffic retailers don’t pay any mind to such targeting and they only promise a large number. You’ll be saving money by finding a reputable service that promises quality.
You should also spend a good deal of time researching which prices are reasonable for the amount of traffic you’re looking to buy. The price could fluctuate depending on demand, so don’t purchase the first package you find. Compare prices and determine the average rate for your desired amount of traffic.

Make a Practical Investment

Though you might want to save money on your initial purchase, keep in mind that a high investment will yield better results. The more money you spend on traffic, the higher quality it will be and the more sales you will make. By making a low initial investment, you might not achieve the results you were hoping for, so some of your money will have been wasted. Making a high initial investment is actually a way for your business to save money in the long run, because your dollar will go farther.
Making the decision to purchase website traffic for your site might seem intimidating at first, as there are countless services available around the Internet with varying price points. However, with the right approach, you can save money on your web traffic purchases, which will give you an even bigger return on your investment. Quality should be one of your main concerns when you’re shopping around for a traffic service. High quality traffic can be expensive, which is why you want to find a way to pay for high quality at a low price.

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