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How to market your student business for free

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The life of a college student weighs heavy with great financial expenses. There isn’t a better way to offset the cost of books and Spring Break parties than by running your own business from your dorm. We have all heard the expression “it takes money to make money”, but thanks to social media this is no longer the case when it comes to marketing.

Get your ducks in a row
If you are a web developer, a tutor, you have your own catering business, or you perform emergency appendectomies behind the Liberal Arts building, it doesn’t really matter; social media is relevant to any kind of business. You will want to set up an account with the big 4: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
So how can you get marketing for free? Each of these social media platforms, when linked to your business website, are designed to generate traffic and referrals simply by people viewing your content and remarking on it. Social media has become a cultural obsession, especially amongst college students. All it takes are a few friends to “share” your photo, post an article on Facebook, and the domino effect begins commencement. When you gain new clients, have them leave public feedback. All of their friends will see this, and guess what, most of their friends are likely students in the same community where you are running your business. They are doing your marketing for you!

Facebook gets more activity than any other social media platform, and even more use than Google. What you will want to do is create a professional, catchy business page and have a link built in to your website that links the two together. Offer new customers an incentive to “check in” to your business from their mobile phones. By offering a 10 percent discount you won’t be breaking the bank, and this will encourage people to talk about you online. And remember, when people “check in” you can “like” the activity and publicly thank them for their business while pitching your service. All of their friends will see this activity, as will all those you have in your Facebook sphere of influence.

Twitter may not have the same power as Facebook, but it is still a vital part of your social media engine. By tweeting once a week, you can pitch your services and provide others with links to your website. Be sure to also tweet some original and humorous content to get people on campus to “follow you”.

It is like a digital collage. You can find images online that represent your business and showcase your drive. This site has gained a huge following, and major companies have started using it. Pinterst has seen its growth rate skyrocket through the roof, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. They even just launched business accounts, and companies are already jumping on board.

Now you can display visual imagery that captures the essence of your business. Friends and clients can “follow you” and view every photo you post. Also with the use of your smartphone you can instantly share the images to Facebook and Twitter.

Think ahead
Remember, you are still in college and you have your education to finish. But you are also an entrepreneur and you need to keep looking ahead to the future. If you think you are ready for investment management opportunities, the Fisher Investments Address is within your reach to help launch the young eager entrepreneurial minds of today, and help place them in bigger and better roles in the future.

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