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How to leave your internship on a high note

Jamie Ballard

Internships are the best way to put your foot in the door

As your internship winds down, here are a few things you should do to make sure you stand out and end the summer on a high note.

Network. You’ve probably been doing this all summer, but now might be the time to kick it into high gear. Connect with people on LinkedIn and go out of your way to engage them in person (without being obnoxious, of course). When your desk is cleared off and you aren’t a daily presence anymore, you want to ensure they’ll still remember you as a standout worker.

On that same note, become the “perfect intern.” Sure, you’ve never been late, and you always do what you’re told. Now is the time to create that lasting impression by going above and beyond. So show up 10 minutes early and start contributing more ideas where appropriate. People will take notice, which will be helpful when it comes to this next step.

Ask for a reference. Give your employer a chance to write your reference when your hard work is still fresh in their minds. They’ll be more likely to remember important details and specific projects that you worked on, which in turn will earn you a stronger reference.

What tips have you found helpful for getting the most out of your internship? 

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