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How to dress your figure: Thin all over

Janelle Vreeland

Guidelines for women who want to add some shape to their shape

Although you’re frame is perfect for showing off those skinny jeans, it’s easy to find yourself self conscious about your slim figure. If you’re eager to find clothing that doesn’t just hang off of you and helps flatter your shape, check out the following tips.

How to dress your thin figure tip 1: Embrace structure!

Structured pieces are going to be your biggest ally when trying to create an appealing, sexy figure. Make sure that your pieces have shape to them and that they don’t rely on your shape to fill them out. Buy clothes that will do most of the work for you. Buy shirts with darting at the waist, to define your waist from your bust and hips. Use the same rule when buying jackets. Make sure they help define your shape. A jacket with an enhanced bust, darted waist and flared hem will go a long way in trying to create a shape.

How to dress your thin figure tip 2: Volumize

While you don’t want to go too overboard, you can fill out your figure by strategically adding volume. The best area to do this to is your bottom half. By wearing a voluminous skirt or a skirt with several small tiers, you’ll create volume and give yourself hips you didn’t know you had!

How to dress your thin figure tip 3: Lighten up

Lighter colors are going to attract attention and make parts of your body appear bigger or wider than they really are. Look for lighter washes of jeans and slacks and go for wide, boot-cut or boyfriend jeans. Theses will help your legs look wider (within reason) and help you get the proportions you’re looking for. Also, strategic distressed washes can help fill out your frame. Distressing on thighs will make them look fuller and distressing on the hips will help draw attention to them and make them look wider.

How to dress your thin figure tip 4: Layer it

Layers are a really easy way to make your look more sophisticated and fill our your thin frame. Just be sure not to go overboard and bulk up too much. A thin T-shirt and a well-structured blazer will help give you the hourglass figure you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to experiment with layering looks.

How to dress your thin figure tip 5: A-line it up

If you’re looking for business wear or clothing for a more formal event, then be sure to invest in an A-line skirt. As the name implies, the skirt starts narrower at your waist and then gently flares out at the hem. Some A-lines are more gradual than others, so experiment to see what looks best on you. Whatever style you choose, A-lines will help balance you by adding width to your bottom half to balance out your shoulders.

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