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Interview Tips

How to dress for an interview

Janelle Vreeland

The basics for how to dress for an interview

Although you may have just graduated from college, you definitely should give that appearance when stepping into the office of your potential employer. Forget the freshman fads and give yourself a professional authoritative appearance by considering the following tips about how to dress for an interview  from the book “Working World 101.”

How to dress for an interview tip: Consider the environment

Determine whether the office environment is conservative, fashion forward or casual/innovative.

How to dress for an interview tip: Err on the side of conservative

Once you’ve determined the environment, stay conservative with a sharp, well-tailored suit, but let your individuality shine through your accessories

How to dress for an interview tip: Business casual?

If the environment is business casual, you can take it down a notch from the suit look. For men, this means wearing a suit without a tie or slacks, dress shirt and tie without a suit jacket.  For women, this means wearing a skirt or slacks with a nice blouse.

How to dress for an interview tip: Wear good shoes

High heels or shoes that you’d wear to the club or a wedding are definitely not appropriate for an interview.

How to dress for an interview tip: Hired? Great!

Once you’ve been hired in the organization, take your dress code cues from successful and credible employees. They will be the ones to emulate with your style of dress.

How to dress for an interview tip: When should I ignore the rule?

The only time that this standard code of interview dress should be ignored is if the person setting up the interview tells you otherwise. For example, suits are not acceptable at Harley Davidson because their culture doesn’t gel with this dress code.

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