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High-schooler Maren Sanchez stabbed to death for refusing prom date

Michael O'Neill

Maren Sanchez was unable to be revived after suffering multiple stab wounds.

16-year-old strangled and stabbed multiple times

In a truly bizarre and horrifying story, a 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death for refusing to go to prom with another student. Maren Sanchez was a junior at Jonathan Law High School in Connecticut and was an honor student, swim team manager and was involved in numerous community programs.

Sources say Sanchez was asked to prom by an unidentified male student, also 16, but when she declined the student became furious. The attack happened at 7am Friday morning in a school stairwell.

Sanchez already had a boyfriend at the time, so simply rejected the boy’s prom proposal. Witnesses at the scene say the boy strangled Sanchez, pushed her down a flight of stairs and then began repeatedly stabbing her.

Teachers tried to intervene and provide life-saving procedures but it was too late. Witnesses say teachers, students and police alike were all emotionally disturbed by the brutal attack.

The boy was caught and is now in custody. Sanchez was pronounced dead the hospital. The Jonathan Law prom was supposed to be held later that evening, but is now postponed until a later date.

Such a horrendous act shocked the entire community. Stabbed to death for rejecting a prom date?

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