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Hermain Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

Danielle Olipra

Herman Cain

Republican candidate calls allegations “false” and “baseless”

On Monday, Herman Cain denied claims that he had sexually harassed two female employees in the 1990s when he was the head of a trade association in Washington, reports the LA Times.

Cain said, “I have never sexually harassed anyone. Anyone. And absolutely these are false accusations,” during an interview. 

According to the report that shed light on these claims, released by Politico on Sunday evening, two unidentified women signed agreements with the association that “included financial payouts and barred them from discussing their departures.”

Cain says that he was unaware of any settlement reached between the women and the association at the time. “I hope it wasn’t for much,” he said.

The candidate continued to deny that any of the information from the report is true and warned, “if more allegations come, I assure you people will simply make them up.”
At a forum he also participated in on Monday, Cain declined to answer more questions about the accusations, citing the forum’s rules.

Read more about Cain’s statements here.

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