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Henry Winkler returns to 'Arrested Development'

Kelly Bradley

Henry Winkler at the 2008 Fan Expo Canada

Henry Winkler has been confirmed for Season four of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development returns for its fourth season in 2013, and Henry Winkler will be joining the cast.

The actor will once again appear on the show as the incompetent Bluth family lawyer—Barry Zuckerhorn.

Winkler confirmed his return to the show via Twitter saying, “I am supposed to be memorizing an Arrested Development scene with Maybe for today…don’t tell anyone I was here OK????”

He also posted a Twitter picture with Scott Baio, who played Bob Loblaw, saying “Oh my goodness…what a development!!!!!”

Henry Winkler isn’t the only one making appearances on the show. Ron Howard, the hit show’s executive producer and narrator, as well as Judy Greer, will be making an entrance in several episodes.

Howard feels he may be a little rusty for the role. He admitted on Access Hollywood “I don’t think I’m giving away too much to say I’m going to wind up on camera in the new Arrested Development episodes. I’m a little nervous. I have to shoot my first scene next week, and I realized it’s been really a hell of a long time since I have memorized any dialogue.”

Although Arrested Development does not have a set air date, it is expected to air in the spring of next year exclusively on Netflix.

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