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Have your wallets be a fashion statement

Julia Escobosa

Inevitable Wallets is not only eco-friendly but fashionable

The truth is that most people, especially men, hate their wallets for a number of reasons, most commonly because they are bulky and boring. 

Inevitable Wallets has the cure for the common wallet with a lightweight, durable, recyclable and stylish alternative to expensive leather wallets and flimsy cheap wallets. Made in the USA from Tyvek material and designed with original artwork, they are simultaneously eco and fashion friendly. The creators of the Inevitable Wallet had tried every wallet-size reducing product on the market, and were tired of those products that just created more mess and less organization. Thus, the Inevitable Wallet was born!

Just in case you were wondering “What the heck is Tyvek?” here’s a quick science lesson for you. Tyvek is a synthetic material made of flashspun, or non-woven, fabric made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a thermoplastic made from petroleum. This stuff has been around since the 1960s, but has mostly been used for commercial purposes, including housewraps and HAZMAT suits, making only brief cameos in the fashion world.

Inevitable has been producing these wallets since 2012, when they developed their first organized men’s bi-fold and women’s clutch style wallets. They chose to use Tyvek because it is ultra thin, ultra durable, waterproof and recyclable.

These wallets are tiny, but strong! Even their largest style, a women’s clutch style wallet known as the Amaranth, is only eight inches by six inches and weighs only two ounces when empty! Despite it’s small size, it has organized card slots for up to 11 cards and a large, secure cash pocket. The traditional bi-fold style wallet known as the Liberty Series offers six organized card pockets, two inside hidden pockets for excess cards, and a cash pocket.

The unisex bi-fold Bones series wallet is equipped with two card holders which can carry up to seven cards stacked in each inside pocket, and of course it has room for business cards or receipts in the outside pockets and has a large cash pocket which accommodates US and most foreign currency. This serious men’s wallet has the thinness of four credit cards when empty but can expand up to four times it’s original size! For the extreme minimalist the Bentley series is a simple card holder with snap closure.

All Inevitable Wallets styles come with over ten original artwork options to suit anyone’s personality, but to offer a bit more originality you can submit your own artwork or picture and have a customized design on your wallet. They use sophisticated printing and dye presses to bring each wallet to life. Each wallet is made 100% in the USA with lots of love and pride.

Inevitable’s “It Pays to Recycle” program offers extra incentive to do right by Mother Nature. Just send your wallet back to them and they’ll take the guess work out of recycling and give you 10% off of your next Inevitable product!

Inevitable’s product line doesn’t stop with wallets…check out their online store for more awesome stuff including casual and bar life clothing and jewelry for “the delightfully inappropriate”.

Do your purse, pocket, wallet, and the environment a favor and fetch yourself an Inevitable wallet!

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