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Happy Hour TimePieces shows the true meaning of it's 5:00 somewhere

Chic watches come with built-in bottle opener


You have just stepped out of the office and the phone was ringing none stop and the papers were piling on your desk. All you want to do is go home and relax with your favorite beer. We all get that 5:00 pm feeling and luckily Happy Hour TimePieces has you covered.

The company behind Happy Hour TimePieces has released a line of chic watches that are also for the practical drinker, considering it has a built in bottle opener on the wristband. Available in styles called The Lightweight, Bottoms Up and The Ish, each style boasts a simplistic design with luxury details. For those who want a watch to actually tell the exact time, then this watch may not be for you. If you want a chic accessory that let’s you know when it is 5:00 pm (party time!) then head over to the website and buy a Happy Hour TimePieces. 

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