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Ensuring a proper Sleep/Wake Cycle

How do you know if you are getting enough sleep? College, well school in itself, can cause anyone’s sleep/wake cycle to suffer. Too many hours in class, way too much homework that needs to be completed, and study sessions that span the course of an entire evening. Although it may be necessary, to go through these things, it is equally as necessary to get proper amounts of rest. Not only will you have a better overall mood if you’ve gotten enough rest, but your grades will also show fruits. Since it is hard to adjust to college life and the surroundings, there are a few things that you can do in order to ensure getting the most out of your evenings. First of all, it is important to have a plan and routine that you stick to. Your body adapts to things quickly, however, it also exerts more energy when you are placing deep thought into things. Having a routine helps to cut down on the decision making process, thus cutting down on some of the energy that is utilized. Second, your routine should contain soothing methods of relaxation. It is easy enough to pop a sleeping pill and knock yourself out for the evening. However, individuals who are taking sleep aids are often robbed of the valuable levels of REM sleep. This is detrimental in the sense that your brain is not able to work out all of the ‘trash’ from the day. It is much better to just drift off to sleep in the most natural of ways. Once you have gotten a decent routine in place, there are a few things that can aid you in the continuation of positive sleep habits. Purchasing a set of ear plugs in order to drown out the noise of eager students will most definitely be a must. You might also want to look into the procurement of ‘black-out blinds’. These blinds will allow you to make your room as dark as possible for those days in which you have evening courses and morning naps. Although the food in the dining area is seemingly delicious, be sure to avoid eating late at night. The way that your body processes food may also prevent you from slipping into a fulfilling sleep at night. –Not to mention the health and weight issues it may bring.- There are many reasons that it is beneficial to have a healthy sleep/wake cycle, but the most important may be the fact that the quality of sleep you receive places direct impact on your mood and productivity of the day.

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