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Get the optimal care package for students

Editorial Staff

Welcome to GoodiePackagesFromHome.Com

We are a small college care package company located in the Midwest. We have been sending out care packages to college students for many years. These packages included home baked goodies, snacks, personal items, and even came with decorations. What fun the recipients had decorating their dorm rooms, hallways, and apartments! The encouragement resulting from these college care packages from students became our inspiration for starting Goodie Packages From Home.

I still remember the care packages I was sent 25 years ago from my family when I was in college. What a joy they were to receive!  You could just feel the hugs, and love coming from inside the box!

Each of our packages are individually made. Our quality and creative products speak for themselves; our customers know and appreciate the difference! Shipping is FREE, and you will receive a tracking # for each package sent.

We are not one of those huge vending companies that are contracted by the colleges to ship packages to the students. Then at the end of the year are sold ½ off, because they are sitting in a warehouse and need to be sold immediately before their expiration date ends. We give each order our personal touch!

Let’s keep the care package tradition going! Then pay it forward!

If you have any questions about our small business, checkout our Q&A section on our home page, or just e-mail us at


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