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Get ahead of your time while protecting yourself with vest™

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Today’s understanding of electromagnetic radiation is still in its infancy. We know there is radiation in our lives, coming from most of our electronic devices – cell phones, laptops, microwaves – and we know we are exposing ourselves to it. What we don’t know, however, are the effects. New studies are coming out every day issuing both warnings and dismissals. Most have excellent proof and reasoning, no matter which way they go. And while the World Health Organization declared electromagnetic radiation a possible carcinogen back in 2011, it had the same advice as often seen around the web: keep the talking at a minimum and wait to see if any long term effects make themselves known.
With vest™, however, there is no need to be passive. vest™ was established with one clear mission in mind: to provide tools for you to protect yourself and your loved ones from the everyday radiation we all expose ourselves to using tested and proven anti-radiation solutions. By reaching out to the medical and scientific community and supporting academic research, vest™ is doing everything to keep its developing, designing, and manufacturing ahead of its time. So while we spend all our time soaking in radiation that makes up our digital age, we can still be proactive and promote a healthier lifestyle with quality anti-radiation products that are practical while remaining stylish.
Here are some ways vest™ can help put your mind at ease and lessen your risk:
Your cell phone emits electromagnetic radiation when making calls, reaching out both to cell phone towers and your brain. vestCase blocks and redirects that radiation for up to 89% less exposure, guarding you while helping your phone be more efficient.
Attached to your case? No problem! The vestHeadset can offer you an easy way to remain far from radiation. These earphones decrease radiation by up to 98% by keeping it away from your head entirely. Most headsets carry the radiation up their metal wires and straight to your inner ears, a rather sensitive spot for radiation to reach. However, vestHeadset uses metal-free silicone air tubes to keep radiation away while keeping the sound quality at its highest. No compromise was made, and the result is both safety and great sound.
Coming soon, vest™ will be able to provide anti-radiation shields for other necessary equipment in your life such as your laptop and your microwave. Keep an eye out for the vestShield and the vestMicroShield, two products that can reduce your radiation exposure and worries by up to 98% while keeping up with your busy lifestyle.
In the future, all phone cases will be anti-radiation. For now, vest™ can supply the tools to get ahead of your time and protect yourself from the unknown. Don’t wait to become proactive. We are swimming in radiation, which can never be good for anyone at any age. Visit us at to learn more about the issues of wireless radiation and protect yourself and your loved ones with tested and proven products that never sacrifice style for the practicality.
 You can also follow  us on to keep up with current research and news about wireless radiation. Until we learn all that we can about its dangers, though, it’s always better vest™ than sorry.

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