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Get Confident with BakBlade

Kayley Loveridge

Get confident with BaKblade

With school now in full swing, it’s time to look and feel your very best with BaKblade. You’ve tanned all summer and spent time working hard in the gym. You’ve worked all your life for that spot on the college team as an athlete. You are looking pretty good, if you must say so yourself! You are excited to finally have the freedom that you have been waiting for since you just moved into your new dorm and are ready to start off your college experience right. It’s that time that you and the guys have been looking forward to: it’s time to throw your very first fraternity party. Sorority girls, cheerleaders and the football team will be attending, the guests are beginning to arrive to your party and excitement is definitely in the air. 

The dreaded back hair

This is a new and exciting time and you want everything to be perfect. You’re about to go outside, you want one last look at yourself, flexing in the mirror turning from front to back and you see the unsightly thick hair all over your back. “OMG, this is not happening to me right now!” First impressions are everything and you don’t want to be “that guy” that reminds the girls of their furry pet back at home or the big stuffed bear sitting on their dorm bed. There’s no need to worry, this little problem can be taken care of quickly and in the privacy of your own bathroom with BaKblade. You’ve got this!

BaKblade is the product for you

Unfortunately, millions of men are plagued with unsightly back hair. This is no longer a concern with the BaKblade around. BaKblade is an affordable do-it-yourself back hair shaver that removes hair quickly, efficiently and without any pain. This painless solution is the obvious choice compared to waxing treatments and far more affordable than costly laser treatments. The BaKblade can be used while in the shower whether you’re wet or dry without the need for shaving cream, saving you money that you can spend with that date coming up instead. You don’t need the assistance of anyone else and it can be doubled up as a great backscratcher. Just hold the BaKblade back shaver with the teeth facing down towards the skin and lightly drag across the hair on your back.

The ergonomic design in which the handle is positioned allows the BaKblade to pivot over the shoulder and to your back with little effort. The unique patented blade cartridges leave a smooth shave and are designed to minimize the risks of cutting with blades specifically designed to shave body hair—which is less coarse than facial hair. This design controls the razor flexibility, allowing a lighter and less rigid friction between the razor and skin. The BaKblade blade cartridges can be removed with ease giving room to slide your new ones in. Completely battery free, the BaKblade uses our unique dryGlide technology, ensuring no effect on hair regrowth; your back hair won’t grow back thicker or faster. Just maintain your clean, smooth back area around once every three to four days.

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Get Back in the Game 

BaKblade is now available on and is also available on our website: After you have ordered your baKblade, it will arrive to you in discreet packaging meaning that your secret is safe with us. You have nothing to lose—except that unsightly back hair that’s not going to go away on its own! This essential product for the guys is one that promises not to disappoint. You’re all shaved and now you are ready to live out your college dreams, focusing on what is really important; back hair needn’t to be a worry anymore. Never let back hair get between you and your confidence again.

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