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Fun Box has the cure for the final exam blues

Editorial Staff

Fun Box has the cure for the final exam blues

Figure out how to choose the right skateboard for you

Fun Box Skateboard Distribution has a cure for those final exam blues. A Fun Box skateboard or longboard is a cost effective transportation alternative around campus. You can use a Fun Box board to commute to class, hit the 7-11 for a sick pack of burritos or shred your local skate park. No matter your passion, Fun Box keeps you rolling with a full line of top quality products. We carry everything from Penny style cruisers, Standard cruisers, Street decks, Push decks, Freeride Longboards and Dancers. All made from premium Maple or Bamboo veneers.

 What’s the right board for me?

Selecting the right skateboard or longboard can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are many articles and videos online that can help but in a nutshell there 4 basic categories. Cruising, Street/Park, Freeride and Downhill. Cruising could be a small 23” board like the Fun Box Penny Killer or even the 38” camber kick. Cruising is basically tooling around, Carving a bit and generally just riding around. Usually a small board, pintail or even a really long 48” board can be for cruising. Street/Park is when you want to do tricks, ride in skate parks, jumping down stairs etc. and is usually a 30”-35” double kick board. Freeriding is usually taking some hills, doing some minor tricks and maneuvers like sliding and usually consists of a drop through or drop down board usually 36”-42”. Downhill is a very advanced form of skating and consists of going very fast down long hills and requires extreme precision. These decks are 36”-42” and usually directional boards but can also be a drop through or drop down. Now there is also commuting, dancing and skogging etc. All which have boards designed for them, but a lot of boards on the market are cross overs and can be used for multiple disciplines. There are also a multitude of trucks and wheels for each discipline and you can spend hours making modifications to your board. The main thing is to get out there and skate. There is no right or wrong answer in this sport. Just have fun. The more you ride the more you will know what the right set up for you is.

With so many brands focusing on their façade & allure, we here at Fun Box have a much different approach. Focus on customer service, quality and price and the rest will follow. The goal at Fun Box skateboards is to offer top quality Skateboards, Longboards and components at a price that most starving college students can afford. Affordability allows you to try different boards or expand your quiver of boards without breaking your bank. Fun Box is about the progression of the sport and making skateboarding available to the masses. We want you to be out there skating not stressing on how to buy a new $300 longboard. We also know that customization is key so we ship all our boards in their natural maple or bamboo finish so you can paint, sticker, wood burn or apply your favorite artistic process on your own.

 With over 20 years in the business Fun Box has sourced the world’s top suppliers of U.S. Maple, Canadian Maple and Bamboo veneers. Our boards are cold pressed with top quality glues and CNC cut to ensure quality and precision. We also work with top foundries and other manufacturers to bring you the highest quality trucks, wheels, bearings and other parts. Each board is assembled to order by hand, built and shipped with the utmost attention to details and care. 

Part of a Longboard club?

Awesome! We would love to get involved with your local skate scene. Many campuses have Longboard clubs, meet ups, slide jams and push races among other fun activities. Check us out on social media to stay connected and keep us in the loop. We would love to sponsor any of your events and get involved whenever possible. 

Fun Box Skateboards offers a wide variety for skateboards and longboards in all shapes and sizes. Complete boards ranging from $60 – $105 dollars with FREE USA shipping we can deliver a box full of fun directly to your door.

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