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Fred Matua of the USC Trojans dies at 28

Elif Geris

Fred Matua will be remembered

Fred Matua will be remembered

Fred Matua, 28, of the USC Trojans died after previous hospitalizations due to heart problems. Fred Matua earned his team a 34-win streak.

Matua was an offensive guard for the Trojans, and was celebrated for his many accomplishments for his teams.

As the California Banning High School football team’s lineman, Fred Matua brought his Pilots counterparts through to the 2000 Los Angeles City title. His success with the team landed him All-American honors as a two-way lineman.

According to ESPN LA, Fred Matua fit the role of a defensive lineman well, but USC coaches deemed him most appropriate for an offensive position.

“Fred doesn’t care which side of the ball they put him on, he’s just gonna kick the ass of the guy across from him,” said USC Hall of Fame writer Loel Schrader.

According to Los Angeles Times, in an interview from 2001, Fred Matua revealed that, “Those guys told me, ‘If you want to play, we’re going to hit you hard,’” referring to the lineman’s older relatives.

Immense sadness is among Fred Matua’s friends and family, as well as fans.

“Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.  The Trojan Family has lost a true warrior,” said USC coach Lane Kiffin.

Twitter was swarming with condolences and regrets for this loss.

Brandon Hancock shared that he is “Very saddened this morning. Former teammate Fred Matua passed away from hrt failure. U will be missed my SC Brother. Thoughts to ur fam RIP.”

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