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Frank Ocean's coming out won't affect his career

Sara Hall

Frank Ocean's career will not be affected by his sexual orientation, hip hop community leaders are saying.

Ocean receives support from Beyonce

Frank Ocean is out as bisexual, but will it hurt his career?

Members and influencers of the hip-hop community are saying, “No”.

Last week, Frank Ocean revealed in a letter on his Tumblr he was in a romantic relationship with a man.

Since then, support has flooded in for the rapper, saying his sexual orientation does not directly affect the quality of his music.

Brian “B.Dot” Miller, content director for the popular blog site Rap Radar, said as long as Frank Ocean produces quality music, his career will not be affected at all.

“I think hip-hop right now is a free-for-all. It doesn’t even matter. If the music is good, no one even cares, man,” Miller said.

R&B singer Anthony Hamilton also agreed with Miller.

“You know what? He’s creative, doesn’t matter if it’s his album or whatever album he puts his talent to, it’ll be OK,” Hamilton said in an interview with Global Grind.

Paula Renfroe, editor in chief of Juicy Magazine said the move will help the hip-hop community break free of the former stigma against the gay community.

“Hip-hop also has grown, society as a whole has grown and that’s the beauty of hip-hop, it reflects our culture and our society,” she told MTV News on Friday.

Even Beyonce has come out in support of Frank Ocean, writing in an online letter, “Be fearless. Be honest. Be generous. Be brave. Be poetic. Be open. Be free. Be yourself. Be in love. Be happy. Be inspiration.”

Ocean’s upcoming album, Channel Orange, will be released on July 17.

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