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Food Network Star Murder Suspect Arrested: Burnt Remains Found on Property

Mike Gregory

Burnt Remains Found On Suspect’s Property and Evidence Removed

        Food Network Star contestant Christie Schoen Codd, was recently found murdered, along with her husband, Joseph, and police have captured the alleged killer of the Candler, North Carolina couple. Contractor Jason Owens in facing two counts of first-degree murder, as well as murder of an unborn child. Codd was five months pregnant. The Food Network reality show star was reported missing by family before her and her husband’s bodies were found.

        Owens had been hired to do work around the couples North Carolina home. CNN reported that Owens was arrested after authorities received a phone call stating that there was suspicious activity around the Codds’ home. The Sheriff for Buncombe County reported to CNN that the caller had seen someone putting items in a dumpster and that they were acting very suspiciously. These items were later recovered and appear to have belonged to Schoen Codd.

        Owens is also facing theft charges for stealing items from the home, including a laptop, gun and jewelry. Owens was arrested and confessed to taking the items. His wife told reporters that he has confessed to her about the killing of Joseph Codd, although it is not certain whether he has confessed to killing her Christie. A search warrant was obtained by authorities and investigators have found burnt human remains in a woodstove on the property that they believe belongs to the Codds. Also removed from the residence were 11 knives, and a saw blade, leaving family and friends to believe that Owens had tried to cut apart, and burn the bodies.

         No details have been released as to motive for the killings. It was also revealed that this is not the first time that Owens has been a suspect in a murder. He was the prime suspect in the disappearance of college student Zebb Quinn 15 years ago, but Quinn’s body was never found.

        Christie Schoen Codd was a Hollywood celebrity chef, and her husband, Joseph, worked on movie sets. Neighbors stated that they didn’t see them around much, since they traveled a lot.

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