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Food Network chef Anthony Sedlack dead at 29

Anthony Sedlack will be remembered by Canadians and gourmands alike

Television chef Anthony Sedlak was found dead Friday in his North Vancouver apartment. Anthony Sedlak was 29. Kevin Porter, the general manager of the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites, worked with Anthony Sedlak and expressed no notice of health issues in the 29-year-old chef.

Porter spoke of his admiration for Sedlak’s attitude: “He has a lot of passion for what he does,” adding, “He put food on the table for Canadian families. The passion that he has for what he does got people involved in cooking again. He’s a guy that was bigger than life. On television as well as behind the scenes.”

According to ABC News, Anthony Sedlak had the ambition to become a chef since young age. Anthony Sedlak noticed an enjoyment for cooking in the Grouse Mountain cafeteria in British Columbia at age 14, and attended the Culinary Art Program at Vancouver’s Carson Graham Secondary School.

Anthony Sedlack proceeded in his career to work in several Canadian restaurants until his early 20s.

Among many awards and successes in his cooking career and cooking challenges, Anthony Sedlack had a cookbook, The Main, published by the age of 23, hosted Food Network Canada’s The Main and posed as a judge on Family Cook Off.

According to Starmometer, Anthony Sedlack helped open The American Cheesesteak Co. in Vancouver. And his death interrupted Anthony Sedlack’s project to improve restaurants and room service menus at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites.

Food Network Canada released a statement in grief of Anthony Sedlack’s death. The statement read, “Anthony became a much loved member of the Food Network family, entertaining and inspiring fans through four seasons of The Main and his latest venture, Family Cook-Off.”

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