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Florida Shooting Over Food Argument

Mike Gregory

Two Dead, One Wounded in Family Shooting

A 13 year-old teen in Hudson, Florida, just north of Tampa, shot his brothers in an argument over food, and then himself. In the shooting, the teen killed his 6-year-old brother, shot and wounded his 16-year-old brother, and then turned the gun on himself.
The Sheriff for Pasco County, Chris Nocco said that the brothers were eating dinner in their Sugar Lane Mobile Park home, when and argument broke out over food. The mother of those involved, and their 18-year-old brother, were not home during the incident. Nocco said in regards to the shooting, “This is a horrific scene,” and that the shooting was a “Nightmare.”

The teen supposedly retrieved the handgun during the argument and began shooting. A 911 call was placed by the 16-year-old at 6:19pm. Authorities say that the 16-year-old’s wounds were not thought to be life threatening, and that he was treated at an area hospital late Wednesday. Very little has been released as to the details of the shooting, but Sheriff Nocco is expected to provide more details on Thursday, at around 11:00am.

A spokesperson for the Pasco County School District, where the brothers attended, says that grief counselors would be on hand to assist any student in need. That spokesperson, Linda Cobbe, stated that, “We’re devastated that this would happen to such young children, and we are prepared to provide whatever services are needed at their schools,” She said that she couldn’t “even imagine,” as to what students and family were going through.

Ironically, this shooting took place, less than 2 miles, from where another family slaying occurred back in August of 2014. Three members of a family, and that of a fourth man were found murdered in their home. An ex-boyfriend of one of those killed is still awaiting trial.

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