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Five Minutes with Tapioca and The Flea

Julia Escobosa

Tapioca and the Flea is always up for a little mischief

The guys of TATF tell College News how they came together and where that name came from

Where did the name come from?
The name was originally a make believe band name I had made up to have somewhere to post my home recordings up on myspace. Eventually, I ended up taking it seriously and started the band. The name just sort of stuck.

How did you guys get together?
Myspace and the Orange County music scene brought us together. Been playing together ever since we met.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?
Definitely “Take It Slow.” We added this 2 minute breakdown that builds back into the chorus. Its so dancey and fun. I usually lose it by the end of the song.

When are you coming out with an album?
We’ll be releasing our EP this summer.

What is your writing dynamic?
I write most of the songs and then bring it to the band. We sit on it for a few rehearsals and tweak parts and ideas around till it feels right.

Are your songs inspired by real people and events?
Yeah, our songs are definitely inspired by real life experiences. A lot of our songs are about heartache or life struggles. We like writing about things that pull on our emotions.c

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