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Find condoms with MTV's new app

Janelle Vreeland

Combating the spread of STDs and HIV, MTV and iCondom introduce app

MTV and iCondom have partnered to design an app that encourages users to have safe sex.

The app, simply called iCondom, is a condom dispenser locator, showing users places to find condoms in their area. The app consists of user-generated content, allowing users to comment on the dispenser and rate the quality of the condoms dispensed.

The app depends heavily on the information submitted by users. As the iTunes page says, “Building up a database of this kind is not easy, so MTV Staying Alive and iCondom are hoping you will help us out by adding new dispenser locations directly from the app.”

The app is the newest project by MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, which teams with individuals who work to fight HIV and AIDS in their communities in creative and innovative ways. iCondom and its developers hope that the ability to locate contraception so easily will help stop the spread of HIV, AIDS and other STDs and STIs.

You can download the app for your iPhone through iTunes for free.

What do you think? Do you think the iCondom app will make birth control even more accessible and help stop the spread of infection and disease? Share your thoughts with us!

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