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Fez Creator Phil Fish and Polytron Hacked, Fish Puts It Up For Sale

Katy Hollingsworth

Fez and Polytron are now up for sale as Phil Fish exits the industry.

In an attempt to further escalate the drama this past week between Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn and angered gamers, hackers recently gained control of Polytron’s DropBox account, which contained varying levels of personal information that was then released to the public.

Phil Fish and Polytron are in damage control mode as the company’s Twitter account was suspended to prevent any further issues.

Zoe Quinn claims to have also been hacked and her DropBox compromised.

Phil Fish announced today that Fez and Polytron are now up for sale. “I would like to announce that POLYTRON and the FEZ IP are now for sale… No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out.”

Fish closed his Twitter account shortly thereafter.

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