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What does Saints Row: The Third, Sex in the City, and Fifty Shades of Grey all have in common? Every one of these media sensations features a sex toy in some way. While this might seem like a strange  fact, it just goes to show how a once dirty little bedroom secret has permeated into the mainstream.

No longer is it seen as taboo to own sex toys or other bedroom aids; instead it has become nearly as normal and commonplace as shopping for your underwear. Popular culture has demystified the sex toy world to the general public – and it’s a good thing.

Take for instance kegel balls; these often beautiful toys have been thrust into the spotlight by the recent Fifty Shades series of books. They can absolutely provide the user with pleasure as they wear them all day, but they also help to keep your PC muscles strong. These awesome toys lived in near general obscurity until the books made them a household object.

Believe it or not, men also reap great benefits from sex toys. Pumps are a great addition to any mans arsenal because of their ability to help encourage growth and sustain hardness. Even if you aren’t someone who typically has troubles with this sort of thing though, a pump can really be your best friend. With correct use, they can even be used as a masturbator or foreplay tool themselves.

With so many different varieties and brands of sex toys out there, it can be difficult to know what’s what. Just remember these few key things when looking for new toy:

  • Price: Toys can cost anywhere from $5 to $500, so knowing your budget is absolutely key.
  • Use: Are you looking for something to use during foreplay or do you want something that is going to be the star of the show? Choose your power based on what you need it for!
  • Material: When looking for a toy you will quickly find that there are a ton of various materials used.  Take a moment to think what will work best for you – while most people will say that silicone is the way to, it can be hard and not as easy to bend as a jelly toy.

To help better understand this wild west of sex toys, NiteTimeToys offers a frequently updated blog and products reviews. Between these two outlets, it’s easy to find the best toy for you, as learn more about other things that you may not have considered. If you need more of a one-on-one conversation, there is also an incredibly helpful customer service hotline.

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