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FBI Most Wanted List: Eric Toth, child porn producer, to replace 9/11 terrorist as number one

Billy Gardner

FBI Most Wanted List: Eric Toth is number one

“Changing mission” at the bureau

The FBI Most Wanted List empties a few spaces after the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the arrest of James “Whitey” Bulger. The Bureau has gone a new direction from terrorist to gangsters, and now it’s on to child porn producers.

Authorities said Eric Toth, who also goes by David Bussone, taught third-grade at a Washington D.C. elementary school and was fired in 2008 after a co-worker reportedly found illicit images of young students on his camera.

Toth has not been seen since leaving the school but his car was found at a local airport containing a suicide note. No body has been found. Authorities believe Toth is still at large and is still a threat to the community, “We don’t have a belief nor do we have any proof that he committed suicide,” Special Agent Ronald Hosko said.

The feds are putting forth a new initiative on child porn by adding Toth to the number one spot of the FBI Most Wanted List. “This nomination by us of Eric Toth is a reflection of what the bureau does and our changing mission,” said an FBI statement.

The bureau is confident that the FBI Most Wanted List will lead to a tip as the where the fugitive is, especially when the reward is $100,000.

Toth, 30, is described as 6-foot-3 and weighing 155 pounds. He has green eyes and brown hair, and has a distinguished mole under his left eye. He is a “computer expert” authorities say and advertises services online as a tutor or nanny in attempts to prey on children.

The other spot on the FBI Most Wanted List is still vacant, “It could take months to pick somebody,” said Kevin Perkins, head of the FBI’s criminal and cyber branch. “You have to weigh one guy against another.”

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