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Fashion at the expense of dating

Janelle Vreeland

Why your new shoes might just kill your love life

Summer fashion for women excites even the most un-savvy of dressers. For the average gal, trying out styles straight from the runway can be both exciting and bold.

But, while those vogue styles may impress your fellow girl friends, some new trends will send men the other direction. Don’t let your passion for fashion kill your love life—learn which trends to downplay while trying to snag a guy.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, while talented, is fashion suicide in the real world on all days except Halloween. Her outrageous outfits entertain and look amazing onstage.

However, you are not Lady Gaga and you do not have the persona or fanbase to support such awe-inspiring costumes. So don’t attempt to cover your nipples with tape, wrap yourself in plastic wrap or glue cigarettes on your glasses.


The 80s styles making a zombie-type entrance back into women’s closets present some of the worst fashion choices in general. However, the leotard tops the list as the worst article of clothing.

“I don’t know where to start. Were you swimming? Does that thing have a flap in the back? Where is the Broadway show?” said Josh Kimmer, student, about women in leotards. “At least, if they are wearing a leotard, I can imagine they are a dancer and super flexible. Most aren’t dancers though.”

Sure, everyone can understand the convenience of never worrying about your shirt coming untucked, especially with a skirt. But you will look silly wearing one as part of an ensemble and probably even sillier once the rest of your clothes come off and you are still wearing a leotard. 

Shoes you can’t handle

Sky-high pumps are all the rage, and some girls can pull them off beautifully. That said, if you never wear heels, strapping on the five-inch gladiator pumps risks your ankles and your love life.

“I would do a lot of things on a date for a girl, but no, dancing all night and then carrying her to the car because her feet hurt is not one of them. No shoe is worth sacrificing a good time,” student Tyler Polanski emphasized.

Suffering for fashion is one thing, but letting a good time pass you by because of footwear is something not even Carrie Bradshaw would do. But, some of you are Carrie Bradshaw, so have a back up pair of function flats in your purse to switch to as the night goes on.

Big belts

“Big Belts. Some girls just can’t pull it off,” said recent graduate Dean Rose. Giant belts dominate a small girl’s waist, sometimes making it vanish under all her fashion. On larger women, the big belt can add bulk in all the wrong places. Neither scenario attracts flirting at the bar.

Sometimes, the most flattering looks favor classic style over contemporary trends. Following fashion can be fun, but dressing in a way that will best flatter your figure will attract more favorable attention than an overbearing, but trendy, ensemble.  

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