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Out of the Ordinary

Family dog saves dying baby

Kelly Bradley

An ambulance.

A shelter dog saved a 9-week-old baby who stopped breathing

A Connecticut family is very grateful for their dog, Duke, after what happened on Sunday night. According to Jenna Brousseau, Duke jumped up on her bed Sunday night and woke her and her husband with its shaking. This behavior was out of the ordinary for the mixed-breed dog that the couple had adopted six years ago.

Following the dog’s strange behavior, they acknowledged that something was wrong and went to check on their 9-week-old daughter, Harper. The parents came to find that their child was not breathing and Brousseau’s husband called 911 immediately. Fortunately, paramedics were able to revive the child, and she’s in good health.

Had it not been for the family’s shelter dog, Duke, they may never have gotten to their daughter in time. Brousseau said, “He’s the perfect dog. He was meant to be ours, and meant to be hers. I tell him all the time, ‘You were born in mommy’s heart,’ just because he was so meant to be ours. He’s heaven. He’s a good boy.”

The Brousseau’s share this story in hopes of inspiring others to adopt dogs in need like they did. The family has nothing but praise for their dog.

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