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Empowering Women: We Need More Lady Bosses!

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Empowering Women

The term, “The clothes make the man”, is often misinterpreted. When someone enjoys what they are wearing, they feel more confident and delighted with themselves and the world is at their fingertips. This is the goal of ButtaFly Jeans & Apparel and the vision of owner and co-founder, Ehren Muhammad. Empowering women through the clothes they wear, either casual or recreational, an empowered woman can change the world, in the right pair of jeans or course.

Empowering female entrepreneurship

More than just fashion, ButtaFly Jeans & Apparel knew that by designing a platform for ambitious women to start their own empires—where they network, share what they have learned, and grow together—that we would help fill the void of female business leadership.  ButtaFly Jeans has two ways for women to become their own bosses and start making a difference—and money.

Brand Ambassador Program

  • Individuals with a strong social media presence and outgoing personality receive a promotional code to post wearing and promoting ButtaFly Jeans apparel. In exchange, they receive 10 percent commission of every sale when their code is used. Also, they get free clothes every month.

Consignment Vendor Program

  • A great way to bring in additional income for those with a full-time position or have another small business already, ButtaFly Jeans will send a small inventory of product for the vendor to sell at a retail price. The vendor and ButtaFly Jeans split the retail revenue.

These programs were created to help empower women by both developing new entrepreneurs and giving established business owners a new revenue stream. When women win in business, everyone wins. This is the stance that ButtaFly Jeans owner and co-founder, Ehren Muhammad has taken. The fact is that under-served and struggling communities see substantial improvements when the women in these areas are educated and have prominent roles in business. And nothing beats owning a business and helping their entire community.

Fashion has no type

Fashion for those with curves and those that want them; there is no one type—all figures and shapes are catered to at ButtaFly Jeans. The clothing styles at ButtaFly Jeans Apparel were crafted with the idea that all women should enjoy what they wear and feel confident about it, empowering women along the way.

From casual fashion, such as jeans, summer dresses, leggings and swimwear, ButtaFly Jeans clothing is designed for all women. No two women are alike and neither should their fashion selection be. Your fashion is as unique as you feel. The brand has fitness apparel designed for the most intense training session yet sporty and stylish for a young lady to rock when hanging out with friends. Everything from compression styles to breathable, flexible cotton blends, ButtaFly Jeans clothing is crafted with durable, quality materials for the lifestyle of a lady boss.

Making a dream a reality

Raised by a single mother on the Southside of Chicago, Ehren Muhammad saw his mother struggle to provide for both him and his older sister. But she did provide a place to live and solid upbringing without fail. Moreover, he saw her put her dreams of fashion design on the backburner in order to pay for her children to go to school. Muhammad wanted to draw and design, and that’s when presented with the opportunity he helped to establish ButtaFly Jeans. Merging fashion design with a platform to help women build their own business is his way of paying homage to his mother and empowering women worldwide.

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