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Eminem tops list of Facebook's most "Liked" musicians

Scott Hixson

Eminem tops list of Facebook's most "Liked"

With 60 million Likes, Eminem trails Facebook’s official page by about ten million


Eminem is now the most popular musician on Facebook with over 60 million Likes, surpassing both Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Eminem became the first person to reach that milestone with approximately one in every 16 Facebook users giving him the cyber-thumbs-up.

Eminem is currently gaining around 24,000 Likes on average per day, according to CNET, with 180,000 new Likes in the past week alone, according to PageData.

But Eminem can’t lay claim to the most-liked page on Facebook as that title belongs to the official Facebook for Every Phone page with 116.82 million Likes. For comparison, Facebook’s official page has 70.21 million Likes.

Eminem, 39, surpassed Lady Gaga (53 million Likes) last summer and Rihanna is even closer to Eminem with 59 million Likes. But, as far as Twitter goes, Eminem lags far behind.

Eminem has approximately 11 million followers on Twitter whereas Rihanna has 23.4 million Twitter followers. Both lag behind Justin Bieber who has 25.8 million Twitter followers, but Lady Gaga tops the list with 27 million.

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