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Eminem thanks fans for helping him be "Not Afraid"

Lexi Elias

Eminem's "Recovery"

The 39-year-old rapper thanks fans for helping him reach sobriety


Rapper Eminem thanked his fans for helping him get through dark times. After battling with an addiction to prescription drugs, Eminem thanked his fans at a concert in New York for helping pull him out of a dark hole.

Eminem told hundreds of his fans Thursday night in New York that he “wouldn’t have gotten out that dark place without ya’ll.” After he thanked his fans, the 39-year-old

rapper performed Grammy-winning song “Not Afraid.” Eminem stated that the “Not Afraid” performance was “dedicated to anybody tonight who’s been through personal struggles.”

The full story of the addition and the battle Eminem went through to eventually reach sobriety is detailed in this year’s best selling album, “Recovery.”

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