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Eight Best Gifts for College Students

Kayley Loveridge

Eight gifts for college students

On the eighth day of Christmas, CN gave to me, eight gifts for college students!

When the Secret Santa tradition calls, we’ve got you with these fab gifts for college students!

The business student

If there’s any college student that “dresses to impress”, it’s the business student. Suits aren’t just for meetings; they’re swell classroom attire too, don’t you know? Simple yet great gifts for college students who study business are ties. Add a splash of color and personality to your pal’s wardrobe this holiday season for something that lasts year-round. Leather-bound organizers are a sophisticated accessory for remembering meeting and deadline dates—a great stocking-filler, too. For something personal, gift them with a business-card holder, embossed with their initials.

The foreign languages student

Guten tag, hola, bonjour! If you have spare cash in your wallet, then nothing can beat a trip to Europe, obviously (one can hope!). But for something a little less expensive, other stellar gifts for college students who study languages include a monthly magazine subscription written in their language of choice. Bring foreign language fun to the dorm and pepper their fridge with language magnets for sentence structure games to do before breakfast.

The literature student

Literature students will attest that books are not just for the study room but a place for escape; a place where imagination takes centre stage. The library is to the bookworm what a candy-shop is to children. Yes, books are read for “fun”, too! Gifts for college students who studies literature include limited-edition run of the works of their favorite poet for something sentimental. Or perhaps give their couch personality and buy—or make—cushion covers with printed quotes or depictions of their favorite characters (Harry Potter, anyone?)

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The science student

Curious about the world around them, the science student is bound by their desire to learn as much as they can about the universe they live in. Whether they’re into astronomy or neuroscience, there’s plenty of fun, science-themed gifts for the scientist of the group. DNA and molecule-themed jewelry is sold all over the internet, ranging from serotonin and dopamine through to chocolate and caffeine. Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” is a wildly fascinating read and very easily accessible; a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

The music student

Famous writer Jack Kerouac once said, “The only truth is music”, and you can bet your music-loving friend feels the same way. Let them know you’re thinking about them this Christmas with a customized guitar pick; perfect whether they play guitar or just for a sweet keepsake. For something super personal, gifts for college students who practice music could include sheet music to their favorite song in a frame; cheap and effective, what’s not to love?

The art student

Who inspires your favorite artist to pick up a brush? Dali? Monet? Da Vinci? Replica prints are readily available and will brighten up any artist’s studio. These prints can be found in art galleries and boutique art shops all over the country at just a fraction of the actual painting’s cost and will be hugely appreciated gifts for college students who love art. The fantastic thing about buying for art students, is that the possibilities are, quite literally, endless. Go beyond the generic “pens and paper” idea and buy your secret Santa nominee an artist’s apron with pockets for their brushes. Etsy is your friend when it comes to artsy gifts; go for a quirky iPhone case accessory with a faux water color palette design.

The history student

Take the historian deep into the darkest depths of Paris’ catacombs—all from the comfort of their couch. The English-translated version of “Catacombs of Paris” by venerable author, Gilles Thomas, is a must-have for anyone interested in France’s rich history. Perhaps ancient Egypt is where their interests lie? The Rosetta Stone was a decree issued on behalf of King Ptolemy V in Memphis, Egypt in 196 BC. A Rosetta Stone designed USB stick is not only an excellent accessory, they’re also useful for all of those lengthy history papers!

Last but not least—gifts for college students studying math

There’s lots of gifts to choose from when buying for the mathematician of the bunch. A mug with a fiercely difficult algebra equations printed onto them make an obvious choice, while jewelry with the pi symbol make a great stocking filler for the ladies. Etsy is definitely your friend here.

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