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Earthquake hits Disneyland

Lexi Elias

California Disneyland Resort

The red-carpet premiere of the new Cars Land attraction at the Disneyland Resort was hit by a 4.0-magnitude earthquake. Near a section of the Whittier Fault, which straddles the border of Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California, the earthquake has resulted in about ten aftershocks since it occurred at 8:17 p.m.

Officials stated that no damage was immediately reported after the 4.0 earthquake or the aftershocks that followed. Most of the aftershocks took place within an hour of the earthquake. The largest being two 2.4-magnitude temblors that were merely two miles north of Yorba Linda. The latest earthquake occurred eleven hours after the earthquake hit at 7:30 a.m. and was too small to feel.

“It was a jolt, and a little teeny shake, and I kept thinking more was coming, but it stopped,” said Claudia Welch, a secretary at Yorba Linda High School who lives nearby.

With a depth of about six miles, the 4.0 earthquake was fairly shallow. According to officials, deeper earthquakes, that are eight to ten miles deep are more worrisome. 

“We haven’t had a 4 in the urban area for a while,” Bob Dollar, geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said. “And a 4 is strong enough that it’s going to be widely felt.”

The earthquake was definitely widely felt, as much as eight miles away, thousands of celebrities, media and other invite-only guests felt the rumble at Disneyland while celebrating the final piece of a $1.1-billion expansion of the Anaheim Park.   

“Earthquake!” @Mouseinfo tweeted. “I guess mother nature wanted to get into #carsland too.”

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